How Carefully Placed Design Elements Shape the Audi A4

Naturally, the first thing you notice about a new car when you look at it is its exterior. When all the visual elements are harmoniously balanced with the same level of engineering expertise you've come to expect from Audi for generations, the result is the A4, one of the most popular luxury cars available at Audi Grand Rapids.

One of the most impressive design elements of the Audi A4 is its LED headlights; they shine just as brightly as standard auto lights while using much less power. This puts less of a strain on the car's engine, which is the source of its power supply.

Another distinctive design element of the Audi A4 is the signature Audi grille with the four-ring logo in the middle. Ranging from the bottom the hood to the bottom of the car itself, it does more than just add visual appeal. It also offers protection from collisions.



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