Transport Cargo With Ease in The Audi Q7

By using the storage space in the Q7, you can transport cargo to commercial and residential locations very easily. This automobile is built for cargo as it has convenient features that help people load and unload large and small items quickly and efficiently.

If you buy a Q7, you'll have access to a spacious cargo area, which is 71.6 cubic feet. This storage zone has seats that fold away, so you can only take advantage of its full storage capacity while the seats are folded. While the seats are up, there is enough seating in the cabin for seven passengers. If you're going to take trips alone, you'll use the tail gate technology often because it opens the trunk automatically. In order to activate the mechanism that opens the trunk's door, you'll need to swipe your foot under a conveniently placed sensor that's near the ground.

Audi Grand Rapids is one of the best dealerships where locals buy the Q7. It's a great car for families because the cargo options are ideal.



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