The Audi SQ5 Performance Features

The Audi SQ5, available at Audi Grand Rapids, clearly shows that an SUV can have a sporty exterior and a high-performance feel. The Audi SQ5 has an interior that is roomy and functional. There are performance features with this vehicle that make it stand out from the other SUVs in its class.

The Audi SQ5 had the quattro all-wheel drive system that has been an important part of Audi vehicles for years. The SQ5 has all-wheel drive that includes a sport rear differential. This feature allows for more torque in the outside wheels when cornering. This in turn lets the SQ5 accelerate faster out of the turn.

Dynamic steering is another performance feature available with the Audi SQ5. Dynamic steering allows the vehicle to drive straighter at higher speeds. When the vehicle is cornering, dynamic steering allows the SQ5 to make even tight turns with a great deal of precision.




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